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Graphic Designer. Former Bognor Regis Resident. Tottenham Hotspur Fan. G1 Transformers Collector.

N’we Jinan Outsiders Cover Art

David Hodges was working with young aspiring musicians from Philemon Wright High School in Gatineau, Quebec and needed a quick turnaround on their iTunes release “Outsiders”.

I was supplied with the following photo of the group with the brief of incorporating a smokey effect, whilst tying in the N’we Jinan logo I created a while […]

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The Fray Fix – Awesome bit of kit for my MacBook MagSafe2 charger!

I’ve just had the time to sort out my MacBook Pro charger cable, because this happened:


Yup, too much use, moving, flexing… a lot of people have had this issue, but I managed to find a fix after buying a new adapter as my original had had it and was probably not very safe to use […]

Transformers – The Stars of 1986

As well as Graphic Design, I love Transformers… the original G1 series and figures from the 80s. When I get time, every now and then I’ll photograph aspects of my collection.

Here are a few of the stars of the 1986 movie, taken after picking up a near-enough perfect and long-awaited version of Arcee. I’m […]

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Ron Aven – Turn It Up

Here’s another bit of artwork created for Ron Aven and his track “Turn It Up” featuring Emdee and Rkayde. 

It’s an R&B/Hip-Hop/Club track, so my job was to reflect that in the artwork… I reckon it worked out quite nicely!

Check out “Turn It Up” here.



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Badlands Movie Poster

Created for an online design competition.

We were given the name of the film, actors and tagline along with movie background (it was to be a remake of the original). I pretty much followed as many cliché movie poster concepts as I could, specifically by featuring the actors heads in clouds. Truly original! I’ll do […]

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Baby Arcee & Baby Hot Rod!

When a friend of mine had a baby daughter, I created this for a congratulations card… in the hope that she’d grow up to be a massive Transformers fan too.

I then went on to create Baby Hot Rod, as he’s my favourite G1 character.


80s & 90s Postcards

Using various vector graphics I created and turned into 80s and 90s themed postcards in a screen printed style.


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The Game ‘Year Of The Wolf’ Cover Competition Entries

I put these two concepts out there for The Game’s album cover Instagram competition.

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All Nighter Flyer Imagery

Just something I’m working on right now for a musician’s promotional single release party. I’ve not created a flyer in this style for a while now.


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Middlesex University Interview

I was contacted by Middlesex University and asked a few questions for their alumni interviews section of their site. The original article can be found here. Shame they didn’t spell my name correctly!

What made you choose Middlesex University?
The location immediately drew me to Middlesex. At the time the Art and Design courses were based […]

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Surf 66 Vente Sous la Tente Flyer

Quebec-based Surf66 got in touch with me to create a flyer for their “Vente Sous la Tente” event, featuring local musicians and various entertainment.

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