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N’we Jinan Outsiders Cover Art

David Hodges was working with young aspiring musicians from Philemon Wright High School in Gatineau, Quebec and needed a quick turnaround on their iTunes release “Outsiders”.

I was supplied with the following photo of the group with the brief of incorporating a smokey effect, whilst tying in the N’we Jinan logo I created a while […]

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Baby Arcee & Baby Hot Rod!

When a friend of mine had a baby daughter, I created this for a congratulations card… in the hope that she’d grow up to be a massive Transformers fan too.

I then went on to create Baby Hot Rod, as he’s my favourite G1 character.


80s & 90s Postcards

Using various vector graphics I created and turned into 80s and 90s themed postcards in a screen printed style.


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All Nighter Flyer Imagery

Just something I’m working on right now for a musician’s promotional single release party. I’ve not created a flyer in this style for a while now.


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