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The Fray Fix – Awesome bit of kit for my MacBook MagSafe2 charger!

I’ve just had the time to sort out my MacBook Pro charger cable, because this happened:


Yup, too much use, moving, flexing… a lot of people have had this issue, but I managed to find a fix after buying a new adapter as my original had had it and was probably not very safe to use […]

The Game ‘Year Of The Wolf’ Cover Competition Entries

I put these two concepts out there for The Game’s album cover Instagram competition.

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Middlesex University Interview

I was contacted by Middlesex University and asked a few questions for their alumni interviews section of their site. The original article can be found here. Shame they didn’t spell my name correctly!

What made you choose Middlesex University?
The location immediately drew me to Middlesex. At the time the Art and Design courses were based […]

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