Project Description

After producing 3 volumes of music, creating several music videos and embarking on tours of the native Cree communities across the northern territories of Canada, David Hodges set about his biggest challenge to date; organising a festival to bring these communities together in one place to share their creativity through music and art.

In undertaking this task, David once again called upon my creative abilities and reliability to bring the look and feel of the event together. Starting with a vision of bringing people together, and incorporating the N’we Jinan logo I created for the First Nation artists initiative, I struck upon the idea of a compass, an object that guides and features marks pointing in all directions; north, south, east and west, representing where these communities would travel from to reach their destination: the festival.

N'we Jinan Festival 2016 Logo

The logo itself would go through a few different versions until I was happy with it, and even when I settled on what I was after, I then refined it a little further, improving on the wrapping banner element.


N'we Jinan Festival 2016 Save The DateThe first project to utilise the branding would be a Save The Date flyer, something that could be posted on social media channels and sent to the various communities.

For the flyer, I was looking for a festival feel. Crowds, colour and conveying the basic information along with what the festival could be about. This design would serve as the style and basis for the rest of the artwork for the event. Using varying weights and sizes of Helvetica with attention paid to kerning, the specified information was advertised without detracting from the event logo.


N'we Jinan Festival 2016 Poster






The next project would be the event poster, detailing the headline events and artists at the festival to draw people in. David Hodges was after a movie poster look, with the musicians being the main focus. After a couple of drafts, I settled on the example to the left.

The poster was pretty heavy with information, and trying to squeeze in the artist roster for the live performance section on 25th June was a challenge, especially when it came to balancing both sides. The best compromise I could work with was to reduce the width of the copy and arrange it within a 3×3 grid.

The final design was well received by not only David, but through social media and from event sponsors and attendees alike.


Along with the poster, various collateral was needed, all following the same look and feel:

N'we Jinan Festival 2016 Pop-Up Banner

↑ Pop-Up Banner ↑

↓ Stage Banner ↓

N'we Jinan Festival 2016 Stage Banner

N'we Jinan Festival 2016 Stage Banner


↓ FaceBook Banner ↓

N'we Jinan Festival 2016 FaceBook Banner


Finally, the last project was to be the programme, a 6pp Z-Fold with a whole load of information crammed into it…

N'we Jinan Festival 2016 Programme (Outside)

N'we Jinan Festival 2016 Programme (Inside)


The N’we Jinan Festival proved to be a success, with David summing up the event afterwards:

This is one of N’we Jinan’s biggest successes to date. We brought 80 regional youth delegates from all Cree communities in Quebec and beyond to Mistissini to participate in educational workshops, performance training sessions and a final concert event. We were supported by over 30 professional artists, several artistic organizations, Cree School Board, Cree Justice Department, Cree Nation Youth Council, Cree Health Board and the Cree Nation of Mistissini. Our festival was packed with several art programs & initiatives such as MikwChiyam, The Niikaan Project & En Masse Pour Les Masses, who brought out such amazing artworks from students, community members and local participants. It was an unbelievable experience to see our N’we Jinan youth artists bring it all together with our finalé performance.