Project Description

The 4th volume of the N’we Jinan music projects was to take a different direction to the previous 3, both design-wise and location-wise with the artists this time hailing from the native communities in Maine, USA.

The brief was to feature a tree as the central image which would represent strength, knowledge and growth:

N'we Jinan Vol.4 CD Inspiration01


Intertwined with the tree would be the following symbol. It’s an image that symbolises all the tribes in the Wabanaki Confederacy; the 4 participating tribes performing on this album:

N'we Jinan Vol.4 CD Inspiration


Together, the symbol and tree would represent collaborative spirit, bloodlines and historical roots, along with knowledge and strength. The application of red on the final design again is symbolic with the blood running through the veins of the people in the tribes, which carries the make-up of their ancestors.


N'we Jinan Vol.4 CD Front

N'we Jinan Vol.4 CD Back

N'we Jinan Vol.4 CD Credits

N'we Jinan Vol.4 CD Map


With the release, I would also be tasked with creating a promotional poster featuring artwork in the same style:

N'we Jinan Vol.4 Promotional Poster