Project Description

Working as Graphic Design Manager over-seeing the Graphics Comms team within Sainsbury’s enabled me to get a good insight into how Sainsbury’s applies their brand principles to 3rd party concessions.

Using Starbucks as an example, the Graphics Comms team would put together principles packs detailing how 3rd party logos, fonts and colours are applied to stores, internally and externally to standardise all brands across the estate.


Internal Branding

Sainsburys X Starbucks Internal Brand Principles


Internally, portals, fascias and projecting signs would feature a black background, driven by Starbucks latest brand guidelines. Across the portal and fascia, the siren brand mark would be dropped in favour of the text-only logo set to 40% of the portal/fascia height. The projecting signs retain the siren in Starbucks distinctive green, with the logo set proportionately within 80% of the height and/or 70% of the width.


External Branding

Sainsburys External Store Totems


Externally, 3rd party brands are required to work visually with Sainsbury’s and other concessions, featuring on store totems, pedestrian totems and welcome walls. The above example shows how each brand is given equal space, with Starbucks brand applied to the totem examples below:


Sainsburys X Starbucks External Store Totems


Where Starbucks is the only concession to be featured in store, the store and pedestrian totems feature the siren logo, set proportionately within 80% of the height and/or 70% of the width. If 2 or more concessions are featured in store, the space within which to apply the brands to the totems becomes reduced, and in the example of Starbucks, their logo reverts to the text only version, dropping the siren brand mark. The logo remains set proportionately within 80% of the height and/or 70% of the width.

On Sainsbury’s welcome wall, concessions can adopt the space to promote offers and various marketing messages within a standard A1 frame.

Sainsburys X Starbucks External Welcome Wall

Their section of the wall features the brand logo set proportionately within 80% of the height between the frame and top of the wall, and/or 70% of the width. All location text is featured as the Sainsbury’s font, MaryAnn to maintain consistency.