Project Description

Those who know me will know I’m a massive G1 Transformers fan, collecting all kinds of figures relating to the original 80’s toy line. Ever since Takara released smallest versions of the original G1 figures, I’ve amassed as many as I could, and it was great to see HeeroToys take up the role of filling in the gaps when Takara decided to stop producing the line.

HeeroToys WST Red TracksI picked up a few of Heero’s variations of Tracks, but he was looking a little bland without his stickers, so I set about producing a set and submitted them to ToyHax / Reprolabels to produce, unfortunately this hasn’t happened yet, however they were impressed enough with my efforts that they asked if I would create sets for various other figures. Now, on a fairly regular basis, I get to combine my love of design with Transformers and create artwork for fans across the world.


Below follows a few sets that I’ve worked on so far, using the original character’s sticker sheets for inspiration and adding my own additional touches to really complete them:
Titans Return Chromedome
The first set I worked on was for Titans Return Chromedome, based on the original 80’s figure, I would keep the authentic use of flat colours and basic graphics for this G1 inspired artwork:

ToyHax Reprolabels Sticker Set Chromedome
ToyHax Reprolabels Stickers Chromedome Detail


Titans Return Weirdwolf
The next set would be Titans Return Weirdwolf. Again inspired by the original G1 toy, I set about producing the graphics below:

ToyHax Reprolabels Sticker Set Weirdwolf

ToyHax Reprolabels Stickers Weirdwolf Detail


Titans Return Brainstorm
For Titans Return Brainstorm, I wanted to make the best use of Reprolabels’ holographic sticker material into the wing section. They have their standard pattern that they like to use for this, which I’m not a fan of, so I tried to do something different by giving a feeling of energy flowing through the gaps in the wings, unfortunately I don’t think this was used for the final set. I also added in additional detail of Decepticon icons crossed out on the wings and tech spec details on the upper body.

ToyHax Reprolabels Sticker Set Brainstorm

ToyHax Reprolabels Stickers Brainstorm Detail


Titans Return Twinferno (aka Doublecross)
I really started to have fun when asked to produce the Titans Return Twinferno set. I took inspiration from G1 Doublecross’ original spark feature for the chest graphics, as well as producing a more figure-inspired version too so fans could get a choice. I also featured tech spec readout, scale details on the wings and a couple of hidden messages written in Cybertronian for good measure.

Even Twinferno’s companion, Daburu who was based on the Battle Beasts character White Leo got a reference with Battle Beasts style chest graphic, complete with mock up rub sign depicting fire.

ToyHax Reprolabels Stickers Twinferno Detail

Various highlights of the set are picked up in the following video, produced by Anthony Sansall