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MikwChiyam Poster

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I was commissioned to create a poster to promote the Quebec Cree School Board’s Arts Education Concentration Program – MikwChiyâm.  This interdisciplinary enrichment program aims to increase student retention by reinforcing Cree identity through artistic expression. The school board’s aspiration for the program is to inspire youth by creating contexts for students to collaborate […]

Sussex Garden Care Company

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Back in 2012, Daniel Bicknell got in contact with me to brand up the gardening business he was starting. He needed a logo, flyers, business cards and van graphics among other things.

The logo would go on to incorporate floral flourishes with classic, bold typography capped off with a heart. All elements reflective of Daniel’s […]

Henge Docks Adverts for T3 & MacUser Magazine


Here are a couple of adverts created for the Apple accessory brand Henge Docks. These adverts were produced as part of a campaign in the press promoting Mac notebook docking stations and appeared in a couple of the biggest tech magazines on the market, T3 and MacUser… not bad at all!


T3 Advert:


MacUser Advert:

Apple iMac / Office for Mac 2011 Adverts


I’ve created various projects for Apple since first working with them back in 2011. The ‘good’ thing is there’s not a lot to their brand in terms of look, so putting together various campaigns didn’t take a lot of creativity / effort on my part. Apple are very particular when it comes to marketing, and following […]

Sonos Rebrand Advertising Campaigns in 2011


In 2011, Sonos would under-go a drastic rebrand. They would move away from their white, applesque style to a darker, edgier look. Once again I was able to create various promotional marketing material for them, for both the national press and various hi-fi stores across the UK.
Sonos Advert for Simply Sonos appearing in Richmond Magazine, circa 2011 (Below)


Sonos […]

Sonos Advertising Campaigns (Circa 2011)


When Sonos started out, they looked very different to how they do now in terms of branding. I had the pleasure of working with Sonos in their early stages, helping them with various press campaigns, advertising their revolutionary wireless hifi systems.

It’s incredible to see how far they’ve come in such a short space […]

Butlins Large Format Poster for Bognor Regis Train Station


This large format poster for Butlins was created back in 2006, and placed in the train station in Bognor Regis for all to see when they stepped off onto the platform. It lasted for at least a couple of years before being updated after I moved to London, but was the largest piece of […]