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Logo & Brand

Sainsbury’s X Starbucks Internal/External Branding

Working as Graphic Design Manager over-seeing the Graphics Comms team within Sainsbury’s enabled me to get a good insight into how Sainsbury’s applies their brand principles to 3rd party concessions.

Using Starbucks as an example, the Graphics Comms team would put together principles packs detailing how 3rd party logos, fonts and colours are applied to […]

N’we Jinan Festival 2016: Logo & Print

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After producing 3 volumes of music, creating several music videos and embarking on tours of the native Cree communities across the northern territories of Canada, David Hodges set about his biggest challenge to date; organising a festival to bring these communities together in one place to share their creativity through music and art.

In undertaking […]

N’we Jinan Volume 2: The Gathering

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N’we Jinan, is a Cree native Canadian record label / collective / movement that I’ve been working with for a few years now. Started by Montreal rapper, singer, producer and activist David Hodges, N’we Jinan gives a voice to the youth within the Cree communities through music.

Their second volume and compilation of music was […]

Regis Motor Co. Logo & Business Card


Created for my Uncle, Andy Handson who was after a brand identity for his classic car business. I was inspired by 1920s/30s signage, with my Uncle after a retro theme, and I gave it a bit of a contemporary twist. Litho printed cards in racing green on a 400gsm off-white/cream stock set the design […]

Mariame – Bloom Album Artwork & Promotion

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Mariame was one of the first Cree artists signed to the N’we Jinan record label, and I was tasked with creating not only the album cover, but Mariame’s brand for her first official release.

The project included not only the hard copy album artwork as seen above, but various other marketing collateral promoting the release […]

SRH – Broke & Happy EP

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Created for Montreal native, SRH’s release; “Broke And Happy”.

The aspiring rapper, singer and musician had a painting created whilst on a tour of LA and wanted to use this as the main artwork of ‘Broke And Happy’. I was also asked to create a Blink-182 style logo for the project featuring a crossed out […]

Aqua Clean Logo


Created for a car cleaning business… or at least I think that’s who it was for, it’s been a while since I produced this! Regardless, I quite liked the outcome.


HodgesMusic.com Logo

Created for David Hodges, and his HodgesMusic brand.

Hodges asked me to update his logo and have it feature him as a caricature, or at least the top half of his head peering over the website name. Oh yea, and he had to be wearing headphones… he is a musician after all.


Click the image above […]

Sussex Garden Care Company

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Back in 2012, Daniel Bicknell got in contact with me to brand up the gardening business he was starting. He needed a logo, flyers, business cards and van graphics among other things.

The logo would go on to incorporate floral flourishes with classic, bold typography capped off with a heart. All elements reflective of Daniel’s […]