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ToyHax / Reprolabels Transformers Stickers

Those who know me will know I’m a massive G1 Transformers fan, collecting all kinds of figures relating to the original 80’s toy line. Ever since Takara released smallest versions of the original G1 figures, I’ve amassed as many as I could, and it was great to see HeeroToys take up the role of […]

MikwChiyam Poster

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I was commissioned to create a poster to promote the Quebec Cree School Board’s Arts Education Concentration Program – MikwChiyâm.  This interdisciplinary enrichment program aims to increase student retention by reinforcing Cree identity through artistic expression. The school board’s aspiration for the program is to inspire youth by creating contexts for students to collaborate […]

N’we Jinan Vol.4 – Skicin Generation Album

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The 4th volume of the N’we Jinan music projects was to take a different direction to the previous 3, both design-wise and location-wise with the artists this time hailing from the native communities in Maine, USA.

The brief was to feature a tree as the central image which would represent strength, knowledge and growth:


Intertwined with […]

N’we Jinan Festival 2016: Logo & Print

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After producing 3 volumes of music, creating several music videos and embarking on tours of the native Cree communities across the northern territories of Canada, David Hodges set about his biggest challenge to date; organising a festival to bring these communities together in one place to share their creativity through music and art.

In undertaking […]

N’we Jinan Volume 2: The Gathering

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N’we Jinan, is a Cree native Canadian record label / collective / movement that I’ve been working with for a few years now. Started by Montreal rapper, singer, producer and activist David Hodges, N’we Jinan gives a voice to the youth within the Cree communities through music.

Their second volume and compilation of music was […]

Wall Art for my Daughter’s Bedroom

When my wife and I decided to move our daughter, Inca out of our room and into her own, I wanted to create a fun mural featuring her favourite cartoon characters, along with a load more that she would enjoy over time (hence The Simpsons, Stewie from Family Guy, a few Kodama tree spirits from […]

Regis Motor Co. Logo & Business Card


Created for my Uncle, Andy Handson who was after a brand identity for his classic car business. I was inspired by 1920s/30s signage, with my Uncle after a retro theme, and I gave it a bit of a contemporary twist. Litho printed cards in racing green on a 400gsm off-white/cream stock set the design […]

EmployeeChoice Product Catalogue for UHMB


EmployeeChoice (EC) provide the latest technology via salary sacrifice schemes to various companies and organisations looking to offer benefits to their staff. Here’s a catalogue I created on behalf of EC for University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay (UHMB), it follows EC’s brand guidelines whilst incorporating the NHS’ blue.

Mariame – Bloom Album Artwork & Promotion

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Mariame was one of the first Cree artists signed to the N’we Jinan record label, and I was tasked with creating not only the album cover, but Mariame’s brand for her first official release.

The project included not only the hard copy album artwork as seen above, but various other marketing collateral promoting the release […]

Academia at BETT 2015 Stand Graphics

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Academia, a technology reseller who are big in the education market, selling hardware, software and solutions to schools, colleges and universities had a big presence at BETT in 2015! 

Here’s their stand at BETT 2015 which I created the graphics for. BETT is the world’s leading learning technology event and has been bringing innovation and inspiration […]

David Hodges CD & Wristband Promo Poster

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Created for David Hodges to promote a great offer!

Buy 2 albums and get a free wristband, all for $14.99 including shipping… can’t say much better than that?!


David Hodges – Secrets Promotional Poster

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Created for David Hodges’ music video “Secrets” featuring Stefanie Parnell.

The socially and politically conscious artist wanted to highlight the issue of domestic abuse, and through the music video show that there is help for those in need. The promotional poster was to highlight the music video as a mini movie, which can be viewed […]

Anastasia’s Christening Chocolate Bar Wrapper


Created for a friends’ daughter’s Christening as a thank you gift.

The Christening party was Willy Wonka themed, and Anastasia’s parents wanted the chocolate bar wrapper to reflect this, so this was my remix of the original chocolate bar wrapper.


60th Birthday Surprise Party Invite


Designed for my parents’ 60th Birthday surprise party.

With my Dad being a massive fan of Southdown Buses, we booked a trip around the south downs in an old-fashioned bus. This was the invite for the party, inspired by the old bus tickets.


Original ticket (Below):

AVA Media Rip N Play POS Board

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Here’s the promo artwork for AVA Media’s Rip N Play hardware, a device that rips CDs to digital music and makes it available to play on a home media centre… or something like that, I could never work out why someone would buy one of these over a computer, especially at the price they’re […]

Kingswood Steele ‘Expressions’ Booklet


I created this booklet whilst working for Kingswood Steele, a printers in Old Street, London.

The idea was to show off various design styles combined with information of the services that Kingswood offer. The booklet itself features my own photography, illustration, vector graphics, digital remixing and copywriting. I also stuck the folios on the inside […]

Del The Funky Homosapien at 19 Broadway Flyer

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Created for 19 Broadway Night Club in Fairfax, California.

With Hip-Hop legend Del the Funky Homosapien as the headlining act, supported by local West Coast talent, I was looking to make this flyer stand out. I was requested to make this a 2 colour to keep the printing within budget, I opted for a vibrant […]

Ron Aven – Party With Me Cover


Created for Ron Aven and his iTunes single, “Party With Me” which features Hurricane Chris.

Ron and his manager were looking for a 90’s style, vibrant summer feel for this cover. I created several versions along the theme, and this was a variant they settled on.



Download “Party With Me” from iTunes by clicking the image […]