I’ve just had the time to sort out my MacBook Pro charger cable, because this happened:

Apple Charger


Yup, too much use, moving, flexing… a lot of people have had this issue, but I managed to find a fix after buying a new adapter as my original had had it and was probably not very safe to use anymore.


Enter The Fray Fix.

The Fray Fix Apple Charger


No more potential death trap! The Fray Fix came with easy-to-follow instructions, x2 lolly sticks and a sachet of lube. I’ve just got to add the rubber bit to the MagSafe2 end now and I’ll have another thing off my to-do list.

This kind of thing keeps happening with Apple cables, they’re just not built as well as their hardware is, so good that there are 3rd party companies out there helping us out. Apple, sort it out!